I am passionate in helping you to have powerful relationships and a life that is lived - not survived. 

Are you ready?

As a life, Relationship & Business coach:

I believe in the premise that the path to growth is through self discovery, self acceptance and a willingness, and a desire to have the life and relationships you want. With this as my foundation, I’ll help you find focus, remove obstacles, take action and gain momentum to pursue your next chapter.  Working with me is about changing what doesn't work.  


I have walked the grief journey many times in my life.  I bring my own personal understanding to our sessions with empathy and compassion.  I have over 25 years experience working with clients with all types of loss, most of it very complicated grief. I guide my clients through the grief to the other side-to see life with hope and joy.

AS A GOTTMAN RELATIONSHIP EDUCATOR and a relational life coach:

As a trained Gottman Relationship Educator, and a student of Relational Life therapies, I specialize in tools and strategies to help create healthy communication and relational goals to develop successful , satisfying relationships. Whether things have gone off the rails and feel hopeless, or you just want some "tuning up", I can give you the tools to achieve a fulfilling relationship


How I Can Help You?

Our Services

  • This is for anyone wanting some direction to address life issues

  • For couples wanting to improve their lives together

  • Evidence based program for moving beyond loss



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